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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 23, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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ucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. captioning made possible by the u.s. department of education captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation
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next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00. city of san francisco quick response to an overnight club shooting. also the dramatic 911 call after a mother says two teens shot her toddler. a man falsely convict of a crime
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inside the 330 rich nightclub the shooting started early this morning and up to the street to the brannon street parking lot. first shot was fired at 1:15. for her safety she did not want to go on camera. >> they were fighting and shooting and running. we sat down by somebody's humer. >> the shooting went on for a while. >> for about 15 minutes. 15 minutes long, nonstop.
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consistently shooting. >> first tire was flattened by a bullet. san francisco police say three people were wounded. one seriously. he was taken to san francisco general hospital in critical condition. evidence technicians combed the area all morning. officers told us they collected more than 50 pieces of evidence mostly shell casings. bullet holes could be seen in several cars. other witnesses said there were two shooters and whole incident begin with shot. >> a shoving match broke out and then all of a sudden it grew into a big altercation. it led to one gunshot. >> he found it odd that no one was searched going into the club. >> every club i've ever been to has searched people. >> the san francisco entertainment commission has closed the club. they issued a suspension for the operating permit in the near
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future. >> there will be a hearing to determine the club's future and san francisco police will be reviewing security video from other cameras in the area to see if they can identify a shooter. they have no suspects at this time. >> katie: a man was trying to help his mother during an attempted robbery was shot and killed in san leandro. unidentified man was shot in the chest on harbor way near bay front. hands mother-in-law was outside of her home unloading items from her vehicle when two people approached her. one of the suspects shot the man and sped away in a dark-colored sedan. a statewide manhunt is on tonight for a san jose man wanted in a stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend. they searching for juan ramirez that is accused of stabbing in san jose. investigators released new details saying he confronted his former girlfriend sandra gonzalez in a parking lot and
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two begin to argue. they broke up two years ago. they were familiar with the couple. >> we had gone out and dealt with the suspect but the victim to the point where she probably got direction from the police or d.a.'s office and pulled out a restraining order against our suspect. >> we were overhead as they checked dozens of houses. they believe he is driving a toyota pickup truck and may be heading to mexico. >> arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of restaurant fire in the san francisco's financial district. firefighters were called out to a building. one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. two teenagers in south georgia face murder charges tonight in the shooting death of a toddler. police arrested 17-year-old boy
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and 14-year-old boy who isn't being identified because of his age. they are accused of trying to rob sherry west who was walking with her son. she told police when she didn't have any money she shot her in the leg and shot the baby in the head. 911 calls were released today. >> the baby breathing? >> i don't know. i just came out the door. i'm trying to get the baby out how. >> did you hear any shots in the area? >> the baby is in there. take it from me -- >> so did you hear any shots in the area? >> you yes, i heard the shots. >> you heard the shots? >> yes. >> someone shot this child. >> they are still investigating the murder. in 2008 her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in new jersey.
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the 14-year-old santa rosa boy killed at marysville race way is being remembered as track reopens tonight. a private funeral was held today. a public memorial for the eighth grader is planned for tomorrow. he was killed along with 68-year-old grass valley man when a car was driven by 17-year-old cousin flew off the track. the accident is being blamed off mechanical failure. there will be closures along the nimitz freeway. between hegenberger road and 98th avenue will be closed from 1:00 to 6:00. drivers will follow a detour. it's part of a construction part of a shuttle bridge that will link bart and oakakakland airpo. this is time lapse video of the work last weekend. project should be finished by the end of the year. >> there be road closures and parking restrictions in the east bay tomorrow at some 8500
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runners hit the streets for the running festival. this is the race route that gets underway at 7:30 tomorrow morning. this is the course which starts at snow park. there is also a half marathon as well as a 5-k. >> and get waze. you can download the traffic app for free. >> right now. lights are out at some of the bay area's most famous locations as the world observes earth hour. it includes the bay bridge, golden gate bridge and san francisco city hall. lights will go back on at 9:30. outage is in support is the fight against global warming. >> a wrongly convicted man is out of prisons after two decades but tonight he in the hospital. the unfortunate turn of events hours after his release. pope face to face, what the current and former head of the catholic church discussed in a
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rare meeting today. we'll hear from a boy scout group that says the current gay ban doesn't keep ga gays from joining the scouts. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it was nice spring day today. more of the
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>> right now the boy scouts have america is serving local chapters to support for openly gay members. the group will announce n policy proposal in april. opponents gathered in florida to push for a continued ban. they want them to email boy scouts in support of it. it would allow gays and lesbians
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to join the scouts but not allow them to express their lifestyle choices. >> in every newspaper i've ever read, words boy scouts of america banning gays. this is simply not true. fact of the matter there are currently gays in scouting. those of us have been in the program know who they are, they are discreet and private and discerning and they act appropriately in other scouts. >> one of speakers admitted the perception of gays is changing. >> and past and future of the roman catholic church came in a history making embrace. he visited pope been ticket. they prayed together and spoke in prielt for 45 minutes and had lunch. francis brought benedict a gift, an icon called the madonna of humility. a man released from prison 23
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a man who was released from prison after serving two decades for a crime he did not commit is in new york hospital tonight. he is recovering from a massive heart attack the day after he became a free man. here is a report.
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>> reporter: the day after david became a free man, after more than 20 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit, he suffered a massive heart attack. he being treated at a new york hospital where his attorney says he is recovering. the accumulated trauma of being falsely convicted and incarcerated for 23 years and coupled intense emotions has had a profound impact on his health. he was convicted in the 1990 killing of a brooklyn rabbi during a botched robbery. it reverberated throughout the city. he insisted he was innocent and recently prosecutors found flaws in the case including a witness admitting a line-up had been rigged, mishandling of the case by police. new york judge overturned the conviction. >> the motion to vacate judgment is granted. [ applause ]
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>> the former inmate was overcome with emotion. >> this is overwhelming. >> the family never gave up hope. he would one day be released and they remained at his hospital bedside. the lawyer says he appreciates the support pouring in from new york and from around the world. >> incredible. hopefully he gets better. we have changing weather as we head into this week. >> this weekend, dry and mild. terrific day today. high clouds but otherwise no moisture. live doppler 7-hd picking up no returns but you can see a little bit of that high cloudiness just off the coast. we've had it streaming by the bay area off and on today. otherwise it was just a nice, nice day. here is a look at beautiful shot from east bay cam looking out over the bay. there is the bay bridge right there. highs today, santa rosa, 69. 69 in oakland.
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concord 69. 68 degrees was the high in livermore. high definition rooftop cam looking toward the embarcadero of san francisco we're reporting clear skies. san francisco 51. 60 in oakland. san jose, 52. 49 degrees in half moon bay. here is another look from east bay cam looking towards the west. santa rosa, 50 and 49 in napa and livermore this hour, 55 degrees. forecast highlights we'll continue to have high clouds overnight tonight. cool in some of the inland locations. get ready for sunshine and mild temperatures tomorrow. we will bring in chance of showers as we head into wednesday and thursday. lows tonight, upper 30s to near 40 degrees in north bay and east bay. otherwise we'll keep things in the low to mid 40s. high pressure off the coast continuing to keep the storm track to the north and west of us. a few high clouds will come through for your sunday but it looks like wednesday and
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thursday before the high starts to weaken and that will allow a couple of storm systems to pass through the bay area. until then, tomorrow passing clouds. we'll put the map in motion, this iston sunday outlook. few clouds and midday hour, some of the high clouds start to move in around noon tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon a little more cloud cover. mainly high clouds. we'll call it filtered sunshine. highs for the sunday. 70 for san jose intestinal cupertino. we'll look for upper 50s near the coast. 66 menlo park. san francisco tomorrow, 62 degrees. in the north bay, near 70s that is for santa rosa, as well as sonoma. 70 for napa and we'll look for 68 degrees for oakland tomorrow. newark, 67. low 70s expected in the east bay.
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70 for pittsburg and antioch tomorrow filtered sunshine, 72 degrees. here is a look at seven-day forecast. a little bit of change, a little cooling on monday. tuesday, wednesday, temperatures drop. we'll bring in a slight chance of showers on wednesday, but really thursday and friday we'll be the better chance of seeing shower activity around the bay area and even into next saturday possibly into easter sunday could be a little dance. we'll update the forecast. abc7 nice has a great weather resource. live 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecasts and power outage information and weather tweets or treats, always a treat. thank you. and shu is here for sports. >> i want my weather treat after
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the show. ncaa tournament, cal facing syracuse trying to advance to the sweet 16 for the first time in 16 years. and mike montgomery, corner three. alan had a bad game. he was 3 of 9 from the field just 8 points. second half, michael carter williams the lay-in, they try to cut into the lead. great shot by justin cobb and syracuse ices it. 66-60 your final. >> and upset of the day, top seed. gonzaga gets bounced wichita state. two-handed jam. three-pointer is no good punches it at the buzzer. wichita is five at the break. he ices it with 3.
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wichita with an upset beats gonzaga, 76-70 your final. >> and women first round action. spokane region, facing fresno state. lindsay leading the bears to second straight tournament. britney led cal with 21 points. hits the three at the buzzer. she also had 13 rebounds. easy jumper puts cal up 61-48. jennifer brandon, two of her 7. she had 12 boards. 90-76 and face the winner of texas tech and south florida. >> and three game road trip, curry helps them on 8-0 run. and andrew couldn't finish the
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alley-oop. clay thompson, 14 in the first. great up and under. extensive curry leading the way. here a huge three. right now they are in the fourth quarter and warriors are upright now. complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> sharks in minnesota and you all know if you can't win you can't score. san jose has the fewest goals with only 71. couldn't add to that today. they got shutout. penalty shot and denied by nicholas. he finds zach with wide open 1-0 wild. best part of the game couldn't stop him. san jose shut out third time this year, 2-0 the final. >> and cactus league, giants hosting the a's and tim lincecum gets rocked again.
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didn't fare much better, two-run shot and timmy went three innings with five runs on six hits. 80 pitches. now it's 6-2 a's and solo shot, brandon bell hit the seventh home run but they crushed the giants 12-5. opening a three-game series on thursday. >> and opener for sabercats facing san antonio. garcia including this 40 yarder. 17 seconds left, fourth and goal he throws an incomplete. sabercats win it 47-42. >> coming up at 11:00 complete warrior highlights and cal men on their losses and spring football from berkeley. hope to see you then.
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>> it is nothing to fancy but
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